Larry Grossman Metal Signs-Man Cave Gifts and Collectibles

This February we are very excited to announce we will be adding metal signs from artist Larry Grossman to our online store.

Larry Grossman depicts his love of vintage gas stations, movie theatres, and hotrods in his vibrant and detailed lithographs. His work is featured in art galleries and museums world wide, including the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) museum and the famed Petersen Automotive Museum.

Larry Grossman Hollywood Theatre Sign 

Larry Grossman grew up in L.A., but moved to Berkeley in 1967 to attend the California College of Arts & Crafts (now called CCA), graduating in 1971 with a major in Film and Photography.

In 1981 Disney Studios asked Larry to return to L.A. to work on their landmark film TRON. After that he worked both “in-house” and freelance for Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks.

He has also created album covers for musicians such as Frank Zappa (three), and T-shirt designs and posters for clients such as IN-N-OUT Burger, Pep Boys, Bob’s Big Boy, and many more.

All of our Larry Grossman collection signs are made in the USA from heavy gauge metal.

Larry Grossman Ford Neon Style Sign

Many of our newly arrived Larry Grossman signs, actually resemble a neon sign.

Larry Grossman Neon Style Valvoline Sign

Larry Grossman 1956 Record Store Vintage Sign.


In the 1990s Grossman discovered computer graphics and has been creating his artwork with a computer ever since. Subjects of his digital work include historical landmarks including theaters, diners and gas stations. Larry Grossman's artwork also features vintage signs, trains, cars and scenes from  America's past.

Larry Grossman’s artwork is very collectible, serving as a celebration of our past and a reminder to preserve the architecture, automobiles and other design elements from years gone by.

We hope you will enjoy these signs as much as we do and that they will find a special location in your home.

These signs will be arriving in the next several weeks, check back for their arrival.



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